I’m Backkkkk…..!!!

Hi everybody!!!

So first things first…Truth be told, I wasn’t intending on being “gone” at all. However, life happens and eventually that’s exactly where I “went”. To live life.

The good.

The bad.

And the ugly too.

The end of the school year arrived fast and furious for the girls which meant one thing…Summer was here! Truly my favorite time of the year. No morning alarm clocks, no homework before bed, no carpool traffic, or on the fly late dinners after practice. More time to spend as a family…late movie nights, weekend trips to the lake, cookouts, ice cream dates and swimming til our fingers pruned. Life is just better in the summer months.

More relaxed. More fun. Less hectic. Well…kinda?

The second of week of summer break came quickly out the gates with church camp, lacrosse leagues, lacrosse camp, and youth group. Endless sleepovers with friends and…THIS.

“Mom, can I go to Fill in the blank? With Fill in the blank and Fill in the blank? I need $ for Fill in the blank…OH! And do you mind picking up Fill in the blank and bringing her home afterwards? Sigh.

(Those of you who are in my shoes can probably “fill in MY blank”!!!) LOL! Add in a birthday party or two and well, summer is over.

If you have young teenagers, you are know EXACTLY what I am speaking of. They are just coming into their own. They’ve made their friend groups, know their likes and dislikes (or at least they BELIEVE they do…while we as their parents believe it changes like the wind). They want to go everywhere and anywhere (yet can’t drive). Thank you Jesus. They have more energy than you EVER remember having in your lifetime and yet somehow can’t seem to stay awake in church or a family gathering. And did I fail to mention, that school must not teach the value of a dollar, because money appears to be no object for anything they want to do or purchase?

But here’s the thing.

As I see it, 18 years is all we have. To GIVE them all we have. And by that, I don’t mean our money, or our leniency, or even our complacency (giving in to their every desire). I mean our time, our love, our attention, and our guidance…


Sometimes it’s tough (let’s face it…more often than not). Patience is tested. They speak their minds more freely (Oh my GOODNESS, are yours speaking their minds yet??!?!). They think they know all there is to know about… well, all there is to know. They make faces when you’re not looking (or when they think you aren’t anyway), and they push the envelope sometimes (or most of the time).

Guess what that means? Or what I have slowly learned it means…

Moms and Dads, we are doing our job. Our babies are becoming more independent. And while it stings a bit, we are providing the tools for them to be strong, successful, intelligent, brave, caring, loving, young adults and grown ups. As parents we get one shot at this thing called parenthood. We are the chosen lucky ones sooooooooo….

…that’s where I went for a few months. I was attempting to help build wings for my girls. Making memories with them and preparing MYSELF to allow the wings we were building together to SOAR. I was soaking in every free moment with my husband…the love of my life and my best friend…because free moments with work schedules are rare these days. I was enjoying family time with my in-laws and my momma because we are THEIR children and as our parents they mean the world. Time with them is precious and should be treated as such.That all being said, as summer is almost over, fall is quickly approaching, school has been in session for several weeks, and 2019 is closing in 4 short months, I promise I am going to pick up my blog posts as much as possible. It has been so wonderful to hear from so many of you that you were actually missing my posts! Thank you very much for your support…

While I have been busy helping to try and build wings for my girls, you all have helped to build MINE. I am beyond grateful and appreciate you more than you know.

Excited to be “back”!