And still…we RISE.

“Jolly Green Giant”. “Sasquatch”. “Stretch.” “Amazon.” The last of which I absolutely DESPISED as a teenage girl growing up. I have since come to love and view “Amazon” as a term of strength and beauty. But for some time, I’ll be honest, it would cut me to the core. These were all names I was called as a middle school girl and into high school. I am sure that unfortunately some of these names sound very familiar to many of my fellow tall friends and consequently maybe some of your children as well…

So how do we break the cycle? How do we help our tall daughters (because let’s face it, if we are blessed to have daughters they are most likely going to be tall as well), to feel strong and confident in their own skin? How do we get them to not only accept their tall figures, but EMBRACE them?

Here is one thing I KNOW beyond a shadow of a doubt. It begins with YOU. And not in a way that you might think. See, if you’re a mother, I’m quite confident that you are already pouring love into your child…praising her for her accomplishments, telling her she is beautiful from the inside out. But mom…how is your “self talk”? What does your daughter hear from you when you get ready in the morning? What does she hear from you when a stranger makes one of those tall comments we inevitably hear on practically a daily basis?

You see, YOU are their guide. Their resource, their strength in this world of tall. These “lanky loos” as I have affectionately called our now young teenage girls since they were toddlers (who are now 13 and 14, Lord give me that AMAZON strength! Lol), look to US for encouragement. If they see US reacting in a positive way to the looks, the questions, the head turning, and the name calling then, MOMS! They will too! Why? Because they truly won’t know any different. They will feel that their tall is an asset from the very beginning…and knowing what we know NOW…isn’t it?

We might not have had the strength or confidence to do it for ourselves growing up, (although some of you might have had an incredibly awesome mom like I did…see mine in top photo 😉 … that helped you along the way). YOU can, however, be the change NOW. It took me a long time to learn this for myself. But as my daughters quickly grow up from little girls into young ladies, I realize that they not only look up to me physically (although not for much longer I believe!), but they look up to me for guidance and the confidence to handle what is being thrown at them on a daily basis as well. I am their example on how to respond to “how tall are you anyway?” And wise cracks about foot size and being taller than all the boys. They need me to be proud in MY height and my reactions to these types of things so that they can feel proud in THEIRS. And just like that, my young ladies have taught me yet again.

So what’s your “Achilles heel” if you will? We all have one…mine just happened to be my height. Is it your weight, your age, hair loss, your skin? When you see your reflection in your bathroom mirror, a store window or the self checkout camera at Target (ok, ok…we ALL cringe when we see that thing! Lol), but in all seriousness, how is YOUR self talk? Remember this…not only WHO you are talking to (God loves you and made you uniquely YOU!), but remember who else is listening. The little sets of eyes that are seeing your facial expressions as you glance at yourself. If they see and hear you embracing the person that is looking back in your reflection, they will follow suit.

Trust me moms…it matters.

The thing that I once hated the most I know now has provided me opportunities that many women would never have the chance to pursue…from collegiate scholarships to fashion and runway modeling. Don’t get me wrong, I still struggle finding cute, fashionable shoes but as I search, I know the young ladies I’m raising to fill them are going to be three times the women I could ever be…

because they are being raised to be AMAZONS!

Watch out world! Hannah and Hailey are about to take you by storm!

Definition of an Amazon: (n) a strong, statuesque, oftentimes athletic woman. A powerful warrior queen. Strong, brave, and fierce. Beautiful in face and in stature.

You want to call me or one of our daughters an Amazon? You go right ahead. 😉



P.S. Thanks mom. ❤️