Monday Motivation!

The first month of the new year is already more than halfway over! Are you still sticking to your fitness and wellness goals for 2019? Or did you start with a bang and are quickly fizzling out? If you need that little extra PUSH to keep going and stay on track, I may just have your answer. And if you had every intention, but haven’t even started yet…NOW is the time!! Who is ready to step it up? Future Fitness and Wellness is giving away 3 customized personal training sessions with me! What do you have to do? Simply scroll down and subscribe! The winner will be randomly selected on Monday, January 28th. How easy is THAT? 🙂

Oh! And as you’re scrolling, why not read a little more “fitness fabulousness” to get your mind and body ready for 2019?

Just like anything else you are attempting to accomplish in your life, a healthy, fit lifestyle begins with a PLAN. Whether you have 5 lbs. to lose or 65, whether you are simply trying to gain muscle tone and feel better cardiovascularly or you’re training for a 5K, it’s the day to day baby steps that are going to help you to reach your ultimate goal.

With that being said, what are YOUR health and wellness goals? What are you trying to accomplish and WHY? What steps are you willing to take to get there? Write these things down. It all begins with a VISION. Think about it…if your goal was to buy your first home, there would be a series of actions that would have to take place before you signed on the dotted line. Deciding your price range, saving money for a down payment, figuring out what home features you want and need, choosing an area of town for your home search, selecting a realtor, and so on.

The same applies for your fitness goals! And let’s face facts, the decisions you make about your body are some of the most important you’ll ever make. If the home you choose doesn’t suit you, you can choose another one and move. BUT, you only have ONE body! Shouldn’t we be doing all we can to make it the best it can be?

Oftentimes, knowing what our ultimate goal is is the easy part. It’s the “what do I do to get there” that we struggle with. The small accomplishments that we attain on a daily and weekly basis are incredibly important. They help us to remain focused and every time we reach a milestone, no matter how small, it should be considered a VICTORY! So take a little time. Buy yourself a fitness journal and begin mapping out your goals and timeline. Ask yourself the tough questions and dig deep to answer them. Your physical and emotional health are interwoven…healthy mind, healthy body.

Step one? COMPLETE! Now…

LET’S GET MOVING!!! It’s YOUR time!! And don’t forget to put your name in the hat for a chance to win 3 customized personal training sessions (Sorry, Louisville area only), by subscribing today!



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