Just Two Words…

Have you ever had an encounter with a complete stranger that has totally altered the course of your day? Someone said something or did something that made such an impact that it actually made you truly pause and take inventory of the gifts in your life?

About a month ago it happened for my husband Bart and I.

The two of us had the identical reaction at that moment. And ever since that day, all we have to do is look at one another and say these two words…

Two simple words that put EVERYTHING back into perspective no matter what the circumstances may be at that particular moment.

Here’s the backstory…

Anyone who knows me…who knows US as a couple…knows that when Bart isn’t working, we are together. Wherever that may be. At the grocery store, at the gym, you name it, we are TOGETHER. It’s one of the things we both value in our marriage. However, in this past year, his insanely demanding work schedule (12-14 hour days/6 days a week ya’ll 😦 ), has made our time together incredibly rare. We miss one another and unfortunately, because of that, often times when we finally DO have the much desired time we have been longing for, we sadly end up talking about the time we DON’T have instead of enjoying the rare gift of the time at hand. It’s dumb and we know it but somehow it happens.

That day was one of those days. His only day off had FINALLY come and we were out running errands TOGETHER. Together being the key word right? But the morning hadn’t really gone our way…we had woken up late so we felt like we wasted half of our day together sleeping (even though he needed the extra zzz’s desperately), and Bart’s thoughts were unfortunately already focused on what he needed to get prepared for the next 6 days of work. We were irritable and down. Not at all what we wanted for our only day with one another. Enter Starbucks…

And one beautiful angel.

We were standing in line waiting to order our favorite coffee concoction when a girl who appeared to be in her late teens or early twenties sipping a slushee walked right up to Bart and I,

“You’re pretty,” she said.

“Well thank you!” I said, now smiling.

Then looking at Bart…”She’s pretty.”

Bart… now smiling: “Yes, she is very pretty.”

“You’re lucky,” she said, looking at both of us.

“You’re right. We are lucky. Thank you,” we both replied as we squeezed one another’s hand…now smiling at one another.

At this point, we had both observed that this young girl had some mental disabilities. Her mother smiled at us from a corner table, watching and listening to her daughter engage with us. We smiled back at her reassuring her we were not crazy people and we were enjoying the conversation. Apparently she was used to her daughter being a “people person” it seemed. 🙂

She went on to ask Bart a few questions about his shoulder as it was in a brace from a recent surgery. But it was the last two words she said before walking over to her mom that not only changed the course of the day that day, but made such an impact on us. We now only need to say them out loud to one another to redirect an off day…

Just two words.

“You’re rich,” she said, as she walked back to her mother and sat down.

We were speechless as our names were called. We picked up our orders, never unlocking hands. The rest of our day was completely different. A young innocent stranger’s two simple words had changed EVERYTHING for us…had made us stop and realize the true gift we have in one another…

“You’re rich.”

Thank you sweet girl. Your family is too.

Bart and I may not have it all…all the time, all the possessions, all the money…but one thing is for SURE…we are multi millionaires in this thing called love.

Enjoy your weekend ya’ll. And make it your goal in the next couple of days to change the course of someone’s day for the better. You never know the impact you may have…