The Journey Begins


Hi!  Thanks for joining me!  I am so excited after years of being fearful to finally take a leap of faith and launch my first blog!  I have so much to talk about from mom life, to wife life, to secrets, suggestions, and silliness in all things from health and wellness to dating your spouse.  I am a strong willed woman of two teenage daughters with an oftentimes uber sensitive heart.  I’ve experienced child loss, the death of a parent, divorce, miscarriage, and so many things in between.  Yet with a whole lotta faith, good friends and family, and a whole lotta prayer, I’m still standing. TALL. 😉

That being said, NOTHING in our home is small including our love for one another.  I am 6’1”, my husband 6’4”, and our girls 5’8” and 5’10” at 14 and 13 respectively.  We have a 65 lb golden retriever and a 160 lb Newfoundland.  We are large and in charge and we wouldn’t have it any other way! I am fiercely in love with this family and extremely grateful for this life.  I can’t wait to open some new doors!

I’m excited to hear from you, listen to your ideas, and share.  I hope to build a community of strong women and moms who can all learn from one another.

Love love LOVE that you’re here,



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